Purple Cow Classic

OMRI listed ofr Organic Use

Purple Cow Classic carries the US Composting Council "Seal of Assurance", meets Wisconsin DNR and Minnesota DOT specifications, and is approved by OMRI for organic production. Quarterly testing in combination with stringent production controls assures consistent product load after load.

How Much Do You Need?

If you're looking for single bags or any amount less than 25 cubic yards then Find a Retailer

If you're looking for truckloads then contact Purple Cow Organics to Request More Information

Purple Cow Select

OMRI listed ofr Organic Use

Specifically designed for turf applications. From golf courses to small front lawns, Purple Cow Select is blended for ease of application in top-dressing, overseeding or establishment of new lawns. Purple Cow Select will improve turf quality and durability while protecting your plants, pets, and groundwater.

Purple Cow Activated

OMRI listed ofr Organic Use

Purple Cow Activated takes traditional compost a step further. High quality compost typically undergoes a heating and cooling cycle in which microbial life flourishes. We've introduced a Secondary Activation Phase in which organically-approved ingredients are added to the curing stage resulting in unique bio-catalytic effect. Nutrients are metabolized by microbial life in the compost and are more readily available to your plants. Purple Cow Activated introduces humus - assisting in soil aggregation, making nutrients more available for plant uptake.

Available In
  • Trial-size Single Plant Pouches
  • 6 qt. bags
  • 1 cu. Ft. bags
  • 2 yard Super Sacks
  • Truckloads

General Planting

(2) 1-Cubic-Foot Bags of Top Soil
1-Cubic-Foot Bag of
Purple Cow "Activated"

Covers 3 Cubic Feet

Enliven 2 Bags ordinary Top Soil with 1 Bag Purple Cow "Activated" and get 3 Extraordinary cubic feet.

Plant a Bed

(5) 1-Cubic-Foot Bags of
Purple Cow "Activated"
applied to
Standard 8' x 4' Bed

2" Coverage

(Mindfully till in)

(5) Purple Cow "Activated" bags amend an 8' x 4' bed at about 2'.

Plant a Pot

2 parts of your favorite potting mix
1 part
Purple Cow "Activated"
to each

Plant a Root Ball

 Dig hole
 Fill 1/3 of hole with Purple Cow "Activated"
 Mix, loosen, root and plant

Purple Cow Tomato Gro

OMRI listed ofr Organic Use

Purple Cow Organics Tomato Gro™ builds from the remarkable quality of Purple Cow "Activated", addressing the specific challenges assiciated with the tomato. Tomato plants feed early and often; one can't play catch-up with tomatoes.

  • Formulated for the specific needs of tomato plants
  • Excellent for use in garden soil or added to large or small containers
  • Made from all natural organic ingredients - no manure
Available In
  • 12 qt. bags

Grow the Perfect Tomato

 Mix 1-2 handfuls of Purple
Cow Organics
Tomato Gro
with your garden soil
at the bottom of the planting hole.
 With your hand
or planting trowel,
make a 12" circle in the soil
around your plant
that is 3-4" deep.
 Take another 2 to 4 handfuls of
Purple Cow Organics Tomato Gro
and fill the ring around your plant.

How to Grow the Perfect Tomato

To give your tomato plants a's as easy as 1-2-3

Purple Cow Potting Mix

OMRI listed ofr Organic Use
Superior Performance
  • Scientifically formulated
  • Readily available nutrients get plants off to a good start
  • Excellent for large or small containers
  • Excellent moisture holding characteristics
Environmentally Friendly
  • Organic fertilizer content not petroleum-based
  • Based on rapidly renewable resources, preserves natural resources
  • Preserves the planet for future generations
Makes Sense
  • Regionally manufactured, supports local economy
  • Marketed through independent retailers and garden centers
Available In
  • .75 cubic-foot bags
  • 1.5 cubic-foot bags

Potting Instructions

 Choose the appropriate size container
 Add a small amount of moistened
Purple Cow Organics potting mix to the bottom of
the new container.
 Set the root ball of the plant on top of
the mix, add enough potting mix to fill around the sides
 Water thoroughly with tap water.
Do not allow the container to sit in the
drainage water for more than 10 minutes.